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We help our clients get amazing results

BodyHQ is unique. Why BodyHQ exist in Chester? We help people feel more confident, happier and life changing results.

How we do this is by providing an amazing support network for our clients. Trainers that cares.

  • We don’t judge who comes in – doesn’t matter what shape, size, age – we are here to help

  • Supportive Community – everyone is friendly, no egos in the gym.

  • Not just a trainer but a friend and a listener helping client’s problems, giving honest advice – Someone you can trust

  • Realistic approach to results – from personal experiences and working with other clients

What we do is provide the guidance and nurturing for our clients to make it a work for their lifestyle, by taking out all the guessing work for their training and nutrition with the support from our trainers and supportive community.

What we do

Personal Training

Semi – Private Personal Training


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